Quitting smoking is a great challenge. It can be particularly difficult during pregnancy because women face lot of stress and anxiety during this period. But it is utmost important that a mother-to-be stops smoking at the earliest. Best would be to quit smoking before conceiving.

Cigarettes are very harmful to the pregnant woman because cigarettes contain a variety of drugs and chemicals. Tobacco in cigarettes contains nicotine which is poisonous to human if introduced into the bloodstream directly. The chemicals in tobacco mix together to form a tar like sticky substance which envelops the lungs, skin and hair. Many of these chemicals are carcinogens which cause cancer and other serious health problems. Apart from the mother, cigarettes also affect the unborn baby adversely. The chemicals in the motherís body pass to the placenta and block the babyís supply of nutrients. Smoking during pregnancy causes preterm birth, still birth, low birth weight babies and breathing issues during childhood.

The Best ways to quit smoking is by building up ones will power and determination. The mother can quit smoking all of a sudden, which is called the cold turkey method. It is one of the safest methods to opt for during pregnancy as it does not involve any medication. It also ensures that the supply of toxic substances to the baby is stopped immediately. A smoker mother can also gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day till it comes to zero. This is the tapering method. This method is also free from medication but the supply of chemicals to the baby also tapers gradually.

Smoking mothers should realize that it is not only their health but also their babyís health which is put to risk.
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